FIRST MILE – cooperation and support of 20 selected LGBTI activists.
From all around the globe.

  • Dastan Kasmamytov
    Dastan Kasmamytov is fighting against the proposal of the Anti-Propaganda Law Bill as it is established in Russia and several other countries.
  • Dastan has been advocating for LGBTIQ human rights and sexual and reproductive rights for 5 years and became the most visible gay activist in Central Asia.
  • Stana, Bulgaria, at the Pride 2014, the first one they didn't have to pay the police for protection.
  • Walk a mile in her shoes is another project of Stana - pulling attention to the inequality of women in Bulgarian society.
  • Rainbow Flashmob, Perm, 2014. Svetlana was a co-organizor.
  • Raymond Bykouskous founded the first lesbian network in Cameroon the strengthen their visibility. Lesbians facing three discriminations: being a woman, being an LGBTI person and being lesbian within the LGBTI community as it is strongly gay dominated. AVAF contributes much to their independence.
  • As a gay muslim, Toni faces legal punishment in his home country Indonesia. He has been fighting for his rights for several years know.
  • Dr. S.N.Nyeck is an activist from academia: researching on sexual identities and the (theoretical and practical) movement in Africa.
  • Qzine is a virtual platform for Trans* people. It offers information on regional support, wants to have an impact on the language through articles - scientific and for mass media.
  • Mio Lindner is a trans* activist, representing Qzine.
  • Roberta Orlando working on implementing anti-discrimination in the Italian law.
  • OMSA is one of a very few LGBTI organizations in Albania, Arber is a founder of. They are offering trainings for parents, raising acceptance for LGBTI's as well as organize the second PRIDE this year in Tirana.
  • Arber Kobra is a very famous representative of the LGBTI community within the country Albania.
  • Tammy in Nigeria has been working from a very young age to raise acceptance of gay rights and HIV prevention.

The FIRST MILE Conference

FIRST MILE – The LGBTI Leadership Conference for C-Level, Executives & Activists

decision makers and positions of responsibility


movement towards
fundamental change


exchange and


What happens at First Mile?

A group of selected international LGBTI activists meet invited business leaders.
That brings a day dedicated to exchange and co-operation between individuals from a range of diverse backgrounds.

And that means a bridge between two societal groups which usually doesn’t touch often: societal activism and business.

Find out more about the conference 2015 here:


The dedication of activists is basic to guarantee and secure human rights, may it be LGBTI rights or other marginal groups.

Protection of minorities is related to everybody who attaches importance to their own individuality and self-determination.

The commitment for diversity – as e.g. sexual identity and orientation – secures freedom: personal, economical and political freedom. Of groups and individuals.
Of others as well as of you.

The FIRST MILE Conference is a milestone in such change processes. It brings together change agents from the economy with such from the societal front-line.
The bridge which is constructed hereby is new and until today unique. It will make processes of acceptance of diversity and other ideals more effective – as well as initiate new ones.

How can you support this?

Even the dialogue is not a one-way street:
The focus is set on building up a supporting network for the activists to enable them doing their activism work efficiently.
Half of the ticket price goes to the activists and their work.

But the support goes one step further: Within the exchange you might find other ways to help, e.g. consulting or contact information of people with the relevant knowledge.

Of course, the best way to support the activists is taking part in the event itself. Each and every piece of input and all perspectives makes this process worthwhile.

Here you find further information:

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2 | Support

Contact us for finding ways of support!

FIRST MILE – the first steps. The latest pride event to be held in Moscow was 2011 with Russia becoming highly criticised for its legalities regarding sexual orientation and identity. That pride event was held by a very small group but they were able to make themselves widely visible within seconds. They used the element of surprise in their favour. Unfortunately, they were intercepted by police and attacked by homophobic groups with the event being labelled a ‘non-authorised gathering’. It ended in 30 arrests.

PRIDE – In many countries this represents growing acceptance.
We desire acceptance of diversity. Everywhere.

is the first step to public PRIDE.

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